22 July 2008

Beauty Tidbits fo this Week

The candidates at the backstage during the live finale of the Miss Universe 2008 pageant in Vietnam.

I am a lurker of Rafa's fantastic site for quite a long time and I would just like to share some news from his weekly report. Rafa, if you're reading this just give me a comment if you wish your article will not be published here and I do the needful.

Oh, thanks to that someone who posted at your messageboard about this blog. Thanks for liking this.

Here the bits of informations from Critical Beauty:

RELUCTANT QUEEN : The new Miss Universe from Venezuela, Dayana Mendoza, did not really want to become a beauty queen. According to her parents, Miss Venezuela director Osmel Sousa tried for three years to convince Dayana to enter the national pageant. Osmel told Dayana: "This is your last chance. Decide if you want to enter. You're already 21." Her father believes that the frivolity of pageant scared her, but later she realized that it wasn't so. Mendoza told her father: "If I enter Miss Venezuela, it's to win." So Mendoza signed up and won. (El Universal, Caracas, 7/20/2008)

HER GOWN : Dayana had brought to Vientam three gowns - one white designed by Angel Sánchez, one yellow by Alberto de Castro, and one yellow by Johnny Straccia. No one knew which of these gowns Dayana would wear. However, during the live telecast, Straccia jumped with joy after having seen Dayana win while she was wearing the gown that he designed. "I was almost sure that it would be my gown because we worked together with the Miss Venezuela organization." Straccia said that the gown was designed by the end of May with yards of chiffon and silk crepe. "The idea was to create a gown that would show Dayana's legs. For that I designed a silk bodice enhanced by Swarovski crystals that give it total sparkle. (El Universal, Caracas, 7/20/2008)

Interesting note: Dayana is the first woman to be crowned Miss Universe wearing a yellow gown.

COSMETIC CONFESSION : During a press conference the day after she was crowned Miss Universe, Dayana admitted that she had cosmetic surgery done on her nose and on her breasts. This is nothing shocking, really, considering that cosmetic surgery has become a routine performed on Latin delegates. Dayana said that she had a nose job because everytime she smiled, her nose would look droopy. The breast augmentation was necessary because she was essentially flat-chested. Dayana's surgeries didn't agree well with Miss Spain Claudia Moro who, after the pageant in Vietnam, went topless on the beach and told the Venezuelan press that Dayana "won the title for much more things besides cosmetic surgeries." (El Heraldo, Barranquilla, 7/20/2008)

WHO WILL CROWN THE NEW MISS VENEZUELA? Not Dayana Mendoza. This honor will be given to Hannelys Quintero who was Dayana's first runner-up to her Miss Venezuela 2007 title. Why? Because MUO has already prepared Dayana's agenda, and it does not include crowning her successor, unless MUO gives her permission to do so. Meanwhile, it is reported that Venevisión is organizing a lavish reception for Dayana during her homecoming, which will be shown on the popular variet show "Sábado Sensacional." (Diário 2001, Caracas, 7/20/2008)

MISS ELEGANCE 2008? : An Argentine newspaper is quoting Mónica Vega, the mother of Miss Argentina Silvana Belli who said that her daughter was awarded the Miss Elegance award during the Miss Universe 2008 pageant in Vietnam. Vega remarked: "Silvana received this title, even though it was not televised due to time constraint. In a few more days, they are going to send us a certificate from Vietnam that credits her as Miss Elegance 2008." Yeah, like whatever. LOL! (Diario de Cuyo, Argentina, 7/20/2008)

LUPITA UNDER ATTACK : Lupita Jones, Mexico's national director and the only Miss Universe from her country, is being blamed by her countrymen for Elisa Nájera's failure to win Miss Universe. Critics contend that Elisa's white gown was not good enough, even though she received the third highest score in the evening gown competition. They are also blaming Elisa's "lack of elegance and the uncertainty of her answer" that caused her to place fifth. Alvaro Gordoa, the director of Grupo Imagen Pública, said: "They need to run the pageant in a way that Lupita Jones is no longer its protagonist; she remains as the only Mexican Miss Universe and it would take a lot of courage for someone to take away that title from her. Lupita disagrees: "I want a second Mexican Miss Universe so badly that I have devoted my body and soul to the preparation of young women, and the numbers show that we are doing well." Since Lupita took over the Mexican franchises, Mexico has made the Miss Universe semifinals six times and Miss World four. (Mundo52, Mexico, 7/19/2008)

For further news, visit www.criticalbeauty.com