24 July 2008

Disappointment at Miss Universe 2008

Here is an article written by Verdel Bishop for a paper in Trinidad and Tobago.

Peter disappointed with Miss Universe judging

by Verdel Bishop

Miss Universe franchise holder, Peter Elias, has expressed disappointment over this year’s Miss Universe pageant judging in Vietnam.

Elias told Newsday he felt confident that this country’s representative, Anya Ayoung-Chee should have been among the top five finalists and described the judging process as subjective.

“I wish Trinidad and Tobago could have seen Anya in Vietnam. After the pageant, Miss Venezeula and Miss Colombia also expressed their disappointment. They too, expected TT in the top five with them. They too, wanted to know what happened,” Elias said.

Elias added that in his 15 years of involvement with the pageant, this is the first time he has written to the organisation to try to determine what went wrong, however, he is still waiting on a response.

“I am disappointed because we gave our best; the entire team really worked hard. In our judgement and in the judgement and opinion of others while we were there, and based on the positive feedback, we felt confident that this country would have done well.

“Anya is very intelligent, vibrant and amazing. She worked really hard and was very prepared. She deserved it and I had high expectations because of her performance,” Elias said.

Elias said Ayoung-Chee will return to TT in a couple weeks, as she deserves a little time to breathe and to travel a bit.

Pre-pageant favourites included Miss Trinidad and Tobago Miss Venezuela, Miss Mexico, Miss Puerto Rico and Miss South Africa. However, the big award of Miss Universe 2008 went to Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza – dubbed as the girl with modern beauty, dynamic and confident characteristics.

Trinidad News, Port of Spain,Trinidad and Tobago, 23.07.08