14 July 2008

The Fall and Rise of Miss USA at Miss Universe

I have promised that we'll gonna talk about the falls of Miss USA in two consecutive years and, surprisingly, both falls were on the same evening gown segment.

At your left is Miss USA 2008, Crystle Stewart.

But comparing it to the fall of Miss USA 2007 Rachel Smith during the pageant in Mexico, Stewart's was little luckier. It did not hurt her that much but it really did hurt her chances for the Top 5. It is pretty obvious that she never recovered all throughout the evening gown presentation and you can see her from the video clip how tensed she was.

At first, she thought it would be fine since she was able to raise up her hands over her head and applaud to the audience signalling that she was fine. But if you have observed it very closely, she almost tripped again (for the second time) when she was about to make her way down the stair to the centre of the stage. She almost out balanced but was lucky enough to hold firm of the ground.

Then she just hold her gown at both sides to make sure she wouldn't step on it. She only dropped it in her final pose in the stage.

That was pretty bad for her but she is lucky as compared to Rachel Smith (with pictures at your right) who really hurt when her butt touched tremendously the bottom of the floor.

But Smith was luckier to work the fall to her advantage. She did react better after regaining completely her composure and went on to the Top 5 which infuriated the Mexican audience.

Smith showed poise and fast recovery after the fall and that made the judges gave their yes to her.

So does this mean that the harder you fall, the bigger your chance to advance? No, it is all how you stand up everytime you fall as per Miss Philippines Miriam Quiambao who also tripped during the preliminary competition of Miss Universe 1999 pageant in Trinidad and Tobago.

Miriam did it best by showing more class and elegance. She showed the fastest recovery among the three of them and that was vindicated by her higher placement.

I remember that year when Ali Landry commented on the finals that "she's afraid that the girls might be falling on the stage year after year." She did it with a little sarcasm.

Now, how would Ali Landry feels seeing her girls falling on the stage year after year? Karma?

Going back to Stewart, some posters from almost all the discussions boards are commenting that the fall is rehearsed and it is a karma for Donald Trump who always put USA in the finals every year.

Well, I still would like to believe all were accidents and nothing wished those to happen.