14 July 2008

Question and Answer

Let us take a look at the question and answer at this year's Miss Universe pageant in Vietnam.

Judge Louis Lacari to Dayana Mendoza, Miss Venezuela:

Q: Do you believe men or women have it easy in life?
A: Actually, God made men and women different. But the big difference between women and men--it doesn't matter what kind of life they live--is that men think that the faster way to go to a point is to go straight. Women, no. The faster way to go to a point is to go through curves and fixing every curve

JudgeJennifer Hawkins to Taliana Vargas, Miss Colombia:

Q: Go back in time, change a moment in your past
A: A wonderful life, big family, huge values. Will not change anything. Everything is perfect

Judge Donald Trump, Jr. to Marianne Cruz, Miss Dominican Republic:

Q: Biggest sacrifice made
A: Had to work really early in life. All sacrifices are well worth it.

Judge Roberto Cavalli to Elisa Najera, Miss Mexico:

Q: When is a woman truly satisfied?
A: When she has a balance in life. Mind, soul and feelings in a same level. Family, life and community.

Judge Eesha Koppikhar to Vera Krasova, Miss Russia:

Q: Discrimination in women?
A: Women in our time have become stronger. Women can have a successful career and raise children. Women will be better.

NOTE: These are not the direct answers and questions from the judges and the contestants but these are the main points.

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