25 June 2013

Will She Make the Cut for Guyana at Miss World 2013?

Do you still remember that South American candidate who slipped and fell to the floor in her blue evening gown during the preliminary competition of Miss Universe 2012 at Planet Hollywood in Nevada last December?

In case you have forgotten her already, I would like to remind you that she is Miss Guyana Universe 2012, Ruqayyah Boyer. I expected her to be in the Top 16 not because I thought she would experience the same fate as that of Miriam Quiambao's who also slipped and fell onstage during the preliminary competition of the Miss Universe 1999 in Trinidad and Tobago, also in a blue evening gown (What a coincidence! So, be extra careful in your catwalk if you are wearing a blue gown. LOL!) and won first runner-up but because I believe she had a commendable performances both in the swimsuit and evening gown competitions. It remains a mystery why Ruqayyah failed to advance.

But there is a good news! Ruqayyah Boyer has now another chance to redeem herself. We will all be seeing her again in Indonesia this coming September for the Miss World 2013 pageant.

She was asked by the new franchise holder of Miss World Guyana, Natasha Martindale, to represent Guyana at Miss World 2013. This was done due to her receiving the franchise too late to organize a pageant and prepare a candidate for the Miss World pageant.

 On the other hand, Natasha Martindale is a New York-based Guyanese businesswoman and financial analyst. She will be tasked with organizing the pageant. Now that she has the title, she is already exploring new ways to make the pageant a success. Natasha is no stranger to the world of pageantry, as she has worked closely with local pageants in Guyana.

Maybe this time, Ruqayyah will be able to make her countrymen proud if she makes to the first cut. And maybe she could bring back Guyana's glorious years in Miss World. Little of us know that Guyana was once a force to reckon with in Miss World pageant. In fact, it holds a record of a six-consecutive-years winning streak. I will write another post about this. Check it out soon!