28 June 2013

Why Did Korinna Kocsis Refuse the Miss Intercontinental Hungary 2013 Title?

This is a follow-up story about Korinna Kocsis, the Hungarian beauty queen who made headlines in the world of pageantry for making a stand and for refusing the title she won in Miss Hungary 2013. I can't think of another contestant in my entire life of stalking updates of any beauty pageants who did the same thing. This makes her an epic!

(Korinna Kocsis, when she won third placer in Miss Hungary 2009. She was awarded the title of Miss Earth Hungary 2009 and went on to Manila, Philippines to compete at Miss Earth 2009.)

And for those who have not heard of  this yet, Korinna Kocsis was proclaimed third placer during the Miss Hungary 2013 finals. She would have been assigned to represent her country to Miss Intercontinetal 2013. But instead of accepting her sash and crown, she walked towards the hosts and spoke on national television that she was giving her go-signal that the title should be awarded to the girl next to her in the final ranking. She added that she already had the chance to experience representing her country in an international pageant in 2009 at the third most popular pageant in the world, the Miss Earth, and that she also would like to give the other girls the same opportunity she had. That was so sweet of her!

But the female host said that she should at least receive the sash and the crown so Agnes Konkoly, the outgoing Miss Hungary 2012 approached Korinna to hand her sash and the crown but she stood firmly on her decision not to accept it. The title was awarded then to Brigitta Timar, the girl next to her in the ranking.

Watch the video.

The following day, Korinna was the talk of the world of pageantry. She made headlines! Pageant pundits and  fanatics were then seen busy storming pageant websites and fan pages to express their opinions on what they have heard or read. 

Some say that what she did is a total disrespectful to the pageant organizers. According to some netizens, she should have accepted the title or should have let the outgoing Miss Hungary to put the crown and sash on her and then resign the following day. For them, that is the best thing she could have done.

The following morning, Korinna then posted a message in her Facebook page explaining to her fans why she did not accept the title. According to her, she joined the pageant to win either the top two placements which will give her the right to represent Hungary either to Miss Universe or Miss World. She knew very well that from the very start of the pageant, she could not get any of the two top titles. So when her intuition did really happen, she decided to do what she did.

Now, pageant fanatics are branding her as a bitch and someone who is not contented of the things that come her way. 

But before you cast your judgement, someone tipped me that there is actually a deeper reason why the beauty queen refused the title of Miss Intercontinental Hungary 2013.

According to my source, from the very start, Korinna was not a favorite of the organizers. Allegedly, the organizers did not want her to be shortlisted as one of the candidates for Miss Hungary 2013 because she already joined and won third place in 2009 which gave her the title of Miss Hungary Earth 2009. That year, Miss Hungary used to send their third placer to the Miss Earth pageant. But this year, they dropped the franchise of Miss Earth and changed it to Miss Intercontinental. The decision was greatly influenced by one member of the organization who happened to be working with the Miss Intercontinental pageant. More so, the organizers dropped Miss Earth because they lack funds to send the third winner to the said pageant. Sending the third winner to Miss Intercontinental is a lot cheaper since the pageant is usually held in Europe unlike Miss Earth which is usually held in Manila, Philippines, a farther country.

Going back to the main story, Korinna insisted that she was still eligible to join the competition again since the title she won in 2009 was no longer offered. So, she joined to eye for either the Miss Universe Hungary or Miss World Hungary titles. For her, she could not accept the Miss Intercontinental title since it is a lesser pageant than Miss Earth which happens to be the third most important pageant in the world next to Miss Universe and Miss World respectively.

According to my source, making Korinna the third placer despite that she is being considered by many as the most beautiful and pageant-ready of all the girls that night was an act of revenge by the organizers who were unhappy when she insisted to be one of the candidates.

Take everything I have written in this post with a grain of salt. I took my information to a friend and there is no confirmation if these are what really happened. All the people involved in this controversy can contact me if they want their sides to be published in my blog.