19 December 2009

Official Winners of Mister International 2009

The winner of Mister International 2009 is Mister Bolivia Juan Bruno Kettels Torrico. I would like to correct what I have written earlier here that there were 33 hunks who competed in the pageant. The number was only 29. Here is the official list of those who made the finals and semi-finals.

Mister International 2009 - Juan Bruno Kettels Torrico of Bolivia
1st Runner-up - Hector Soria of Spain
2nd Runner-up - Marcelino Gebrayel of Lebanon
3rd Runner-up - Maxime Thomasset of France
4th Runner-up - Sebastian Strzepka of Poland


Thomas Ladangh of Belgium
Nelson Lee of Singapore
Peter Klinc of Slovenia
Terry Shih of Taiwan
Luis Nuzzo of Venezuela


Holly Feriston of Indonesia
Francis Xavier Usanga of Ireland
Henri Quiles of Puerto Rico
Josh Tolin of USA
Le Xuan Vinh Thuy of Vietnam

Special Awards:

Mister Photogenic - Le Xuan Vinh Thuy of Vietnam
Mister Congeniality - Luis Nuzzo of Venezuela
Mister Spirit - Nelson Quintas of Angola
Best National Costume - Terry Shih of Taiwan

I got 4 out of the 5 hunks I have predicted to make enter the finals. Only Michael Manansala of the Philippines did not make it. Read the blog entry here.