08 August 2009

Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez is not mingling with Latin American candidates?

Is it true that Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez is not mingling with the Latin American girls? They say Stefania prefers to mix with the European candidates. Allegedly, she is avoiding the Latinas.

If this is true, probably Stefania would like to identify herself with her other heritage. She is a mix of Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and Venezuelan.

I have a feeling that Venezuela might not make it to the Top 15 this year just like in 2004 when Ana Karina Anez Delgado broke the 20-year winning streak of her country and in 2006 when Jictzad Nacarid Viña Carreño failed to advance. But the sash factor might work well on her also.

I've said that Stefania might not advance because I am not yet impressed with her photos and interview.

Her interview at the Miss Universe official website is so disappointing. She moves her hands too much which can distract the judges. There are also photos of her in which she looks not beautiful although most of them are stunning especially in her swimsuit picture. Her gown is also too busy. The design is too much to appreciate.

But if she choose to change her gown at the preliminary, I might be proven wrong.