09 August 2009

Miss Japan Emiri Miyasaka is losing her ground

Miss Japan Emiri Miyasaka is losing her ground at the ongoing Miss Universe pageant in Bahamas.

I don't know if you gonna agree with my statement but I based this opinion from weekly predictions of different websites which are ranking the girls who they think will make the Top 15.

Emiri is slowly sliding down from the rankings of these so-called pageant experts. Before the arrival of the delegates in Bahamas, the Japanese beauty queen was touted to be the girl to beat but now, I am hearing a different tune. Although, Emiri is still predicted to be one of the semi-finalists, she regularly stays in the bottom of so many lists.

It started when Emiri stepped down in Bahamas with her tan she acquired in Miami. Fans were disappointed to see her glowing skin that was made so dark. Her interview that was posted in her page at the Miss Universe official site is not also impressive.

But the fight is not yet over, I am still hoping Emiri will not break the winning streak of Japan at the Miss Universe that was started by Kurara Chibana in 2006.