08 August 2009

Gowns of Venezuela and Puerto Rico are Imitations from Ellie Saab

Puerto Ricans and Venezuelans look like having a word war in pageant-related message boards regarding their delegates' long gowns. Both parties are claiming, with evidence of course, that the gowns of both Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela and Mayra Matos of Puerto Rico are second rate copycat of Ellie Saab's, a famous designer, gowns.

I guess the Puerto Ricans first discovered the Ellie Saab gown in which Venezuela patterned their dress. To extract a vengeance, the Venezuelans tried so hard to research about the gown of Mayra. Fortunately, they were able to uncover also a gown which is so similar with Mayra's.

The funny thing in this exchange of words is that both gowns were copied from works of one famous designer.

Puerto Rico and Venezuela are one of the countries who take pageant seriously. Both have five Miss Universe winners in their caps.

Below are pictures of Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez's gown and the original gown. I took this from a Puerto Rican message board.

Below is Miss Puerto Rico's long gown and the original Ellie Saab gown. This was taken from a Venezuelan forum.