30 June 2009

Puahinano Bonno Wins Miss Tahiti 2009

Puahinano Bonno is the winner of Miss Tahiti 2009 in a pageant that was held last 26 June 2009 in Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia. She beat 11 other lovely ladies to have the right to represent Tahiti to the Miss France 2010 pageant.

You have read it right. Bonno is not going to any major international beauty pageants like Misses Universe, World, Earth or International. But her runner-up, Niuriki Teremate, (First Runner-Up) will go to the 9th edition of Miss Earth in Manila, Philippines in October.

Just a quick note to some readers who might not know this, Tahiti is a French territory. It is part of France that's why it has to be represented in Miss France pageant.

Bonno stands 1.78 meters. She is a student of Business Management.

Second Runner-Up was Mereani Meyrand.