05 April 2009

Top Model of the World 2009

Top Model of the World is an international search for the ultimate model. This search started in 1993 in Miami, Florida.

Some of the famous beauty queens who joined and became winners in this contest are Jacquiline Aguilera, Natascha Borger and Natalia Guimaraes.

In 2006, Natalia was the winner but she resigned in order to represent Brazil at the Miss Universe pageant in Mexico. She ended up as a runner up to Riyo Mori of Japan. Michelle de Leon of the Philippinews who was her runner up was elevated as the winner in that year.

The current winner is from Brazil again (Thanks to HerbertBrasil who corrected us. We initially thought Debora is from Germany.), Debora Lyra.

Top Model of the World 2009 was set in Germany. The winners were crowned last 4 April 2009. Here are some pictures of the contestants.

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