20 March 2009

19-year old Adi Rodnitzki is Israel's Queen of Beauty

HAIFA, March 18 – Adi Rodnitzki (center), a 19-year old soldier, was crowned Miss Israel 2009 during an event held at the Haifa Convention Center on March 18th. Adi is 1.71 m tall and will compete at the Miss World 2009 pageant in Johannesburg, South Africa, next December.

The 1st runner-up, also crowned Israel's Maiden of Beauty, was Yulia Liubianitzki (left). She is 20 years old, 1.76 m tall and will represent the country at the Miss Universe 2009 pageant in The Bahamas, next August.

The 2nd runner-up, crowned Israel's Queen of Grace, is 22-year old Noy Michaelov. The 1.77 m beauty will represent Israel at the Miss Europe 2009 contest, if held.

The 3rd runner-up, crowned Israel's Teen Queen, is Noy Michaelov (Right). She is 22 years old and 1.75 m tall.
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