23 November 2008

Miss World 2008 Trivia

I asked my bestfriend, Wiki, about some statistics for the upcoming Miss World 2008 pageant in Johannesburg City, South Africa and these are what he gave me unselfishly. Enjoy these information my dear fellow beauty pageant fanatics.

Along with this report are two pictures I borrowed from an equally beauty pageant fanatic from a pageant crazy island in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico.


Returning countries and territories
  • Seychelles last competed in 1999.
  • Antigua and Barbuda, Egypt and Honduras last competed in 2004.
  • Chinese Taipei last competed in 2005.
  • Barbados, Congo DR, Portugal, St. Lucia, Uruguay and Zambia last competed in 2006.
Withdrawing countries and territories

Estonia, Grenada, Nepal, Panama, Romania, Slovenia and Suriname will not compete this year. Estonia, Romania, and Slovenia decided to withdraw themselves in the competition for financial issues and lack of sponsorship. Panama had problems with the regional organization and Miss Panama didn't have the South African visa at the time. Miss Suriname, Mireille Nederbiel, was not allowed to compete in Miss World by the decision of pageant organizers. The organiser of Miss Nepal pageant said it was postponing the contest scheduled for August 23, 2008 to unknown date, after the Maoist women’s wing, which has trained its sights on Miss Nepal, announced a Kathmandu Valley shutdown on the day to prevent the event.

Contestants notes

Egypt: Meriam George was replaced by Sanaa Ismail Hamed at the last minute for some undisclosed reason.

Hong Kong, China: Miss Hong Kong 2008 winner Edelweiss Cheung will not compete for the crown of Miss World 2008. The 1st runner-up, Skye Chan, will take over. Cheung will take part in Miss Chinese International 2009.

Philippines: Janina San Miguel was replaced by her 1st runner-up, Danielle Castaño due to Janina's personal reasons.

Thailand: Miss Thailand World will not be held this year, so last year's 1st Runner-up, Ummarapas Jullakasian will represent Thailand in Miss World 2008.

Vietnam: Trần Thị Thùy Dung is not allowed to participate in the pageant since her scandal of didn't graduate high school, as well as all the runner-ups or finalists who competed at the same pageant were also prohibited. The second runner-up of Miss Universe Vietnam 2008, Dương Trương Thiên Lý was appointmented as the replacement.

Tansey Coetzee (South Africa) placed as a semifinalist in Miss Universe 2008. While Athina James (Antigua and Barbuda), Alizée Poulicek (Belgium), Laura Tanguy (France), Alfina Nassyrova (Kazakhstan) and Olivia Carey (Mauritius) also competed at the same pageant, but they unplaced.

Fatimih Dávila has competed at Miss Universe 2006 pageant but unplaced.

Marelize Roberts (Namibia), Rosarita Tawil (Lebanon) and Nicosia Lawson (Cayman Islands) will compete in Miss Universe 2009.

Tamara Almeida (Brazil) placed as the first runner-up at Miss Maja Mundial 2006 and the second runner-up at Miss Tourism Queen International 2007. But in Miss TQI, she represented a special region, Fernando de Noronha, a Brazilian archipelago. Geisha Nathali Montes de Oca (Dominican Republic) also competed in this pageant, but unplaced.

Hannelly Quintero (Venezuela) placed as a top 5 finalist in Reina Hispanoamericana 2007.

Nataly Chilet (Chile) placed as a top 8 finalist in Miss Earth 2005 and a top 6 finalist in Miss Continente Americano 2007.

Gabriela Zavala (Honduras) placed as a top 8 finalist in Miss Earth 2004.

Elodie Delor (Martinique) placed as a top 16 semifinalist in Miss Earth 2007.

Jennifer Palm Lundberg (Sweden) placed 3rd runner-up in the Miss World Sweden pageant but won the title when all of the Top 3 declined the crown. This after arguments over the contract for the winner, which saw the original winner Amanda Ulfdotter being fired and the 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up declining the crown for various reasons.