31 July 2008


PLEASE, take note of these errors I committed while writing my blog:

1. I wrote an article about the Most Hyped candidates for Miss Universe 2008 and when I named Thailand as one of them, I mentioned at the end that she DESERVED the hyping. There was actually an error there. I forgot to write DON'T.

The sentence should go like this: "5. THAILAND - The inclusion of Thailand in the Top 15 or 20 for the last two years (Thanks to Singha beer for being a sponsor of the pageant) helped this year's Thai representative get enough media attention. Like Puerto Rico, she was in every body's list. Her fans emulated also the tactics of most of the Latin Americans of bashing other candidates in an attempt to make their candidate looks the best or superior in the pageant. She did not make it. She DON'T deserved it without a doubt."

Please take note also that my basis for this article is based on their performance during the preliminary competition. I compared all the comments on them I gathered in all discussion boards and compared it with their performances during the preliminary competition.

This topic is subjective so you may or may not agree on me.

2. I just list down my NEXT Top 15. These is the list of the ladies who I think made it to the next slab of Top 15. I forgot to mention to Antigua and Barbuda who I strongly believed did a fantastic job at the swimsuit and gown competitions. She should have been a finalist.