04 August 2008

Who is a Beauty Pageant Fan?

1. You enthusiastically utter the name of your country with an emphasis or in a strong voice when you were asked while in a foreign country. Example: If you're a Peruvian, you say "I'm from Peruuuuuuuuuu"!!! or You say "Namaste, I'm from India" then you bow your head.

2. You are suddenly sick on the day of the telecast of the pageant. You call your manager to inform that you are absent since you have headache, stomachache or any kind of sickness.

3. You make your beddings or curtains your gown every now and then and you can amazingly make more than 10 different gowns out of one curtain.

4. You call your neices or cousins names like Sushmita, Gloria, Riyo, Dayanara, Natalie, Jennifer and other names of a beauty titleholder.

5. You always wear a plastered smile everytime you walk in the street and wave your palm to every people who look at you.

6. You have an album of newspaper clippings about Misses Universe, World, Earth or International.

7. You start your answer to a question with the phrase "I believe... " or "I think......"

8. You stand up immediately and wave to an imaginary audience everytime you trip.

9. You are a member at least to one beauty pageant discussion boards or blogs.

10. You are conscious with your body and always on diet.

The 1972 Miss World contestants in their swimwears.

I know there more "symptoms" or other characteristisc we tend to see uniquely on an individual who have a different taste for beauty pageants. What I have enumerated are just the things I observed in the community where I grew up and do not necessarily the same of the background you've been to since birth.

What I am trying to point here is that, a real beauty pageant fan displays one of these characteristics. These are the characteristics that separate us from the others and make us a true blooded beauty fanatic.

If you can add some more in my list, feel free to leave me a message.

Next time I will bring to you the best in worst in gowns during the Miss Universe 2008 in Vietnam. I still watching all the tapes I have gathered.