30 July 2008

Miss Universe 2008 NEXT Top 15

Gone are the days when Miss Universe was posting in their website the overall rankings of all the candidates who participated in a particular year. Before, we knew who placed 11th to 80th but when Donald Trump owned the pageant, he opted not to do the tradition because of the five ladies they are including every year to the semi-finals.

It is rational. Let's say Miss Korea was actually 11th in the ranking but she was excluded in the Top 15 because the bottom five was given to the personal choice of MUO. This is unfair to Miss Korea and to the fans. So, in order to avoid conflicts, it is better not to post the overall ranking anymore in to the website.

It in this reason that I came up with my NEXT Top 15. These are the ladies, I believe, who made up the next 15. Probably some of them were actually in the Top 15 but their chances were compromised to make way for the favourite girls of Donald Trump.

My basis for choosing them is their preliminary performances available in short videos at the official Miss Universe website. I also considered some possible political factors that might have made them a shoo in for the NEXT Top 15. Don't worry, I also considered the amount of hyping on these particular candidates.

Ladies and gentlemen, here are the NEXT Top 15.

India, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Norway, Korea, Ireland, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Israel, Panama, Brazil, Peru, Kazakhstan, Angola and Greece.

Dayana Mendoza, Venezuela's fifth Miss Universe during a visit in New York. Photo is courtesy of gettyimages.

ANGOLA - Lesly Pereira, in fact, has a perfect body. She was stunning in her yellow swimsuit. Her body is one of the best. She is also elegant in her gown. Though the gown is a quite not fabulous, she carried it well. I don't really know why she was excluded.

BRAZIL - Natalia Anderle is actually good in both swimsuit and evening gown presentations. She is so relaxed during the swimsuit and it was really good - very natural. Though there is nothing jaw-locking in her performance, I believe she's in the NEXT top 15.

GREECE - Dionysia Koukiou is also very natural in during the swimsuit competition. She's fine in that segment but she lacked the energy during the evening gown. The judges might have noticed the sudden drop of her enrgy which costed her the slot on the Top 15. Indeed, she's in the NEXT Top 15.

INDIA - There is nothing special about Simran Kaur Mundi except for the name of her sash she was carrying. But she is sexy in her swimsuit. She is not the typical chicken-legged Indian. Her performances on both prelimanary shows was just average. Her gown is not fabulous but she probably nailed the interview portion.

IRELAND - Lyn Kelly had nice gown. Her performance was above average but she was just average during the swimsuit segment. In totality, there's no doubt she's in the NEXT Top 15.

ISRAEL - Shunit Faragi is fabulous at the swimsuit competition. Her downfall was the evening gown. She's a little bit unclassy on how she carried the not-so-fabulous-but-okay gown. Her style in that portion was actually hate-it or love-it.

KAZAKHSTAN - Alfina Nassyrova knows how to walk. She is probably the best candidate so far from her country. She did well in both category but her gown is a little bit outdated. The lesson this country or any country that hardly breaks to the Top 15 for that matter should have a fantabulous gown and eye-popping catwalk skills. That is one of the only two ways how they can break to the semis. The other one is through politics.

KOREA - Sun Lee is actually beautiful and knows how to walk - no doubt about it. The only problem in her performance was her exxageration. She walked too wild. But she is okay in the evening gown.

NORWAY - Mariann Birkedal is definitely good. What costed her the the crown was her gown. That was awful. She tried to carry it well, she did it, but the judges emphasized more on the gown.

PANAMA - Carolina Dementiev Justavino was just fine. She's really okay for the NEXT Top 15.

PERU - Carol Castillo is just like Miss Panama. Her performance was just fine. Nothing special but definitely she's not on the third slab of Top 15.

PHILIPPINES - Jennifer Barrientos actually showed a fine preliminary performances on swimsuit and evening gown. This lady silently worked hard to bring out the best in her until the finals. She did a very classy and swimsuit presentation. Obviously, her downfall was the outdated gown but she carried it well. Though she did not have the Best Gown, she's actually in my list of the Best in Gown. Remember that there is a difference between the two.

PUERTO RICO - Ingrid Rivera was good during the preliminary. There is no doubt about it. But she was not on her best form during that night. We've seen her in previous pageants better. She was overly exposed. This could be the reason why she did not make it to the Top 15. The judges might had high expectations on her and when they saw her doing just an average performance, her score was affected.

THAILAND - Gavintra Photijak was just fine. Like Panama and Peru, she delivered an average performance enough to be in the NEXT Top 15. Politics, this time, did not work on her. Too bad.

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO - Anya Ayoung-Chee was good in her evening gown. She carried it pretty well. She was also good in her swimsuit. And I believe she is better thatn some in the Top 15. This goes to some of the ladies mentioned in this particular list. Some of them are better than some of the ladies in the actual Top 15.

They are the ladies in the NEXT Top 15.