17 July 2008

Donald Trump's Five Girls

The pageant is over but until now we are still clueless about the five Donald Trump's girls in the Final 15. They will never announce it to protect the interest of the pageant but things are getting obvious lately.

These are the girls who made it to the Top 15 by virtue of their charisma to the Miss Universe Organization. These maybe true or not but the basis are from the gossips of the people behind the show.

HUNGARY - Rumour says that Donald Trump is dating, in fact in love, with a supermodel who is from Hungary. Yes, you've heard it right. Trump has a big heart for models and this is vindicated by his choice of Miss Universe since 1996 when he owned it. His former wife is also a model from the region where Hungary is located.

JAPAN - Barely a day after the preliminary , a rumour started to circulate about a shut out of Asians in the semi-finals. No Asian made it to the Top 10 and since politics played an important role, Japan was chosen over Korea from the ward of Ines Ligron who is in perfect ties with the Trump company and the MUO.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Things happened during the meeting of National Directors. For failing to pay franchise fee, Puerto Rico was dropped out automatically. MUO was cautious not to stir emotions from the fanatic fans in the Caribbean and with the support of all the National Directors to Pebbles Magali (Ines even mentioned this support thingy in her blog), Dominican Republic was included to appease Magali and not to break ties with one of the solid markets of the pageant.

KOSOVO - It is a tradition for the Miss Universe Organization under the Trump era to sustain relationship with newcomers in the field with the right amount of hyping. Afterall, business is business.

VIETNAM - There is no confirmation about the inclusion of 3 Vietnamese judges in the preliminary. Jerry Springer, one of the hosts, mentioned during the final nights that the Top 15 was chosen by an undisclosed set of judges. It is a bluff but eyewitness says there were more than two. This is Trump's way of putting things in a discreet manner. But despite of the presence of the so-called judges, Vietnam failed to make it to the Top 10 but she was in the Top 15. MUO picked her up then as a consolation to the effort of the Vietnamese government and to strengthen relationship since the Vietnam War.