07 July 2013

Shi Lim wins Miss Universe Singapore 2013

16 Singaporean ladies competed for one crown and one goal - the Miss Universe Singapore 2013 and the right to carry the flag of this tiny but mighty country at Miss Universe 2013 in Moscow, Russia - and the victorious is the tallest of them all.

I mean that literally!! LOL! 

Towering at 176 cm, 24 year-old Shi Lim, a business executive who lived for the last 7 years of her life in North America won the Miss Universe Singapore 2013 crown during the grand finals held at Shangri-La Hotel. Her runners-up include Cheryl Desiree Chan (first runner-up) and Cordelia Low (second runner-up).

Miss Universe Singapore 2000 winner, Eunice Olsen, was one of the judges.

At the final question and answer segment, when Shi Lim was asked if she would let her son become a rich footballer instead of fulfilling his studies, she answered, "I will let my son pursue the sport but not in place of education…he needs to find a balance between both.”

The second runner-up, Low, was asked on her thoughts about the pageant being slammed by the public for having Chinese finalists only.
“It’s just politically incorrect,” she answered.
Eunice Olsen asked Chan, “Do you think that the government’s plan to increase the population size to close to 7 million, was a good decision?”
“It helps the economy to grow, but the real problem here is ageing population,” Chan answered, adding that the government should “focus” more on the latter issue by making improvements such as in healthcare.

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