06 July 2013

Is Miss Universe 2010 4th runner-up Maria Venus Raj pregnant?

There were rumors  among Filipino pageant fans that Miss Universe 2010 4th runner up Maria Venus Raj is pregnant. It started when photos of her together with other Filipina beauty queens surfaced on the net and some netizen took noticed of her seemingly bloated tummy. Looking at the pictures, I was almost convinced that the rumor might be true but I immediately thought that it can also be just a bad angle. I have noticed as well that the prints on her dress might do something to create the illusion that she is pregnant.

Here are the pictures I am talking about:

Getting pregnant is not an issue but what made this observation interesting is the fact that she is not married yet and she just broke up with her ex, a TV host named Andrei Felix.

In order to quash the rumor, Venus Raj took a photo of herself  showing her super tiny 22-inch waistline. You don't see any traces that she became pregnant and her figures was still the same as when she competed in 2010 at Miss Universe. Here's the picture.