30 June 2013

What former Latina winners of Miss Universe are up to now?

Zuleyka Rivera (Puerto Rico) – 2006

Zuleyka Rivera, Miss Universe 2006, appears on the covers of many tabloids this week having fun in Miami with Spanish singer David Bisbal . “She’s a very special friend and I feel very good beside her. Please leave us time to get to know each other,” Bisbal told the reporters. The stunning Puerto Rican beauty also prefers to be cautious, although she’s said the singer “is a very handsome man, and I admire him a lot.”

Rivera was only 18 years old when she was crowned as the most beautiful woman in the world. Her dream to become an actress was fulfilled by participating in various telenovelas. However, the experience that transformed her life was motherhood. Her son Sebastian was born in 2012 from her relationship with NBA player Jose Juan Barea, with whom Rivera recently broke up. Now, her baby is her top priority, and she has confessed she’s looking for a mature man who also has children himself, really understanding the meaning of parenthood. Will David Bisbal be that special guy?

Denise Quiñones (Puerto Rico) – 2001

The fourth Puerto Rican beauty to win the contest worked hard to become an actress and moved to New York soon after the pageant to improve her career. She managed to appear in several television series and plays. Quiñones is also a talented singer and, in 2012, debuted her first album, Ruidos y Silencios (Sounds and Silences). She has just launched a new show called “I’m Here,” which includes songs from Cuban singer and song-writer Silvio Rodriguez in addition to her own music. In the press conference where she presented the show, Quiñones confessed she feels “very excited” at the warm welcome from her fans.

Dayanara Torres (Puerto Rico) – 1993

After passing the crown on to her successor in the 1994 Miss Universe pageant held in the Philippines, Torres stayed in the Asian country for four years, becoming a popular TV star. In 2000, back in the U.S., she married Marc Anthony, with whom she had two sons, Christian and Ryan Anthony. After their divorce in 2004, Torres returned to modeling and soap operas, and wrote the book “Married to Me: How Committing to Myself Led to Triumph After Divorce.”

Just weeks ago, the beauty queen tweeted some images of herself showing her stunning bikini body at age 40, looking relaxed and happy. “In my beautiful Puerto Rico,” she wrote. Her most recent work is the film “200 Letters,” which she recently presented in New York and defined as “a love letter to Puerto Rico.”

Cecilia Bolocco (Chile) – 1987

The first Chilean woman to become Miss Universe moved to the U.S. to have a career in showbiz. There, she married American anchor Michael Young, whom she divorced in 1996. After hosting her own talk show and playing various roles in soap operas, she starred in her own culebron by marrying former Argentinean president Carlos Menem, with whom she had a son, Maximo Saul. They divorced in 2007 after she was spotted sun-bathing with another man. Recently, her name hit the news again with the harsh words thrown at her by Carlos Nair, Menem’s other son. Carlos Nair appeared on television saying that Bolocco prevents Menem from maintaining a good relationship with Maximo Saul, stating, “Cecilia brings him when she wants, she brings with four assistants… It’s like bringing Obama!”

Irene Saez (Venezuela) – 1981

Saez is a living example that beauty does not have to exclude intelligence. Without being dazzled by the temptations of show business, she completed her studies in political science at the Central University of Venezuela and began a political career, being elected mayor of the Chacao municipality in Caracas twice. Saez was also a candidate for the presidency of the Republic and became the governor of Nueva Esparta State in 1999.

That same year, however, she married lawyer Humberto Briceno Leon, and, after 11 months, she resigned due to her pregnancy. Saez turned away from politics to devote herself to family, but years later she divorced, joining the board of directors of the Colonial Bank of South Florida. She currently resides in Miami.

Will Miss Universe 2013 be another Latina beauty queen? We’ll soon find out!

SOURCE: Voxxci