30 June 2013

Colorado's Andrea Neu wins Miss International 2013, 2 other candidates are out of shapes

I was browsing an article about Miss International USA 2013 that just concluded and was shocked to see 2 of the candidates - in a negative way. These two girls are so out of their body proportions. One is plus sized and the other is obviously anorexic. It baffles me why the organization that runs the pageant allowed these candidates from Maine and Minnesota to compete for the crown.

Look at their pictures (below) and let me know what is your say by leaving me a comment.

Anyways, the winner is the representative of Colorado, Andrea Neu. She was crowned on June 29 in the event held at the Osceola High School Theater in Kissimmee, Florida. She will be representing the United States in the Miss International 2013 pageant. 

Other winners are from West Coast (first runner-up), Pennsylvania (second runner-up, Southern States (third runner-up) and Michigan (fourth runner-up).