23 June 2013

Strange Winning Patterns at Miss Universe

The world of beauty pageant is chock-full of codes, conundrums and numerology just waiting to be decrypted. Loved every bit of info like this every once in a while.

This article entails on how some countries managed to have a strange pattern in placing at Miss Universe Pageant. It will give us an overview on how these five countries managed to place in the pageant with a year interval in a minimum of four years. I only listed those countries that managed to have this pattern recently.

COLOMBIA: The pattern started when Catherine Daza placed in the top 10 last 2004. The next year, Adriana Tarud failed to place. Valerie Dominguez made some revenge and placed in the top 10 last 2006. The next year, Colombia clapped again in the person of Eileen Roca. 2008 was the peak year for Colombia after Taliana Vargas placed second behind Venezuela. Pressure seemed to cover up Michelle Rouillard after being unplaced last 2009. Natalia Navarro managed to penetrate into a top 15 slot last 2010.

RUSSIA: Last 2006, Russia placed in the top 20 under Anna Litvinova’s name. Tatiana Kotova did not continue the semifinalist streak started by Litvinova. Vera Krasova surprised everyone when she placed as third runner up in 2008. Despite having issues, Sofia Rudieva failed to place last 2009. The heavy favorite Irina Antonenko made the first cut but failed to advance in the top 10 last 2010. Natalia Gantimurova suffered the curse after being unplaced last 2011. In 2012, Elizabeta Golivanova placed in the top ten despite being unplaced in Miss World the same year.

This day, the owner of Miss Universe Organization, Donald Trump, announced that the Miss Universe 2013 will be held in Russia. Will Elmira Abdrazakova be unplaced? Or will she inherit the homecourt advantage?

VENEZUELA: Mariangela Ruiz proved that Venezuela was a powerhouse back then when she placed first runner up behind Dominican Republic. The next year, Ana Karina Anez broke the 21 consecutive streaks of Venezuela after failing to advance the first cut. Monica Spear brought the glory back after placing as fourth runner up last 2005. Jictzad Vina broke another possible streak after being unplaced last 2006. Lydimar Jonaitis achieved another second runner up finish for revenge in 2007.

INDIA: Neha Dhupia placed ninth among the ten who made the cut last 2002. Nikita Anand failed to continue the eleven year streak of placing in the Miss Universe last 2003. On 2004, Tanushree Dutta managed to place despite the fact the only replaced the original winner from India. 2005 was again a dark year for India after being unplaced by Amrita Thapar. Neha Kapur brought what was rightfully for India after finishing in top twenty last 2006.

MEXICO: Elisa Najera proved to be strong after placing fifth in Miss Universe 2008. Pressure seemed to creep to Karla Carillo after being unplaced last 2009. Revenge took place after Ximena Navarette captured the most coveted crown last 2010. In 2011, another outplacement took place in the person of Karin Ontiveros. Karina Gonzales continued the pattern after placing in the top ten.