16 February 2010

Maximilian Lewandowski is Poland's representative to Mister World 2010

News about the awarding of the winner of Mister Poland 2010 came out yesterday in different websites and blogs but there is something baffling me. The winner and the runners-up are wearing sashes dated 2009. It was also mentioned that the 1st runner-up Sebastian Strzępka Lestat is going to Mister International. But when I checked the official website of the said Singapore-based male pageant, I have learned that Sebastian has  already competed in Mister International 2009 in December 19, 2009.

I was made to believe that the news was fresh, that the pageant only took place few days ago. Conclusion: it was the Mister Poland 2009 and not 2010. And the winner is going to represent Poland in Mister World 2010 which will be taking place in Korea in March.

Anyways, the winner of Mister Poland 2009 is 18-year old Maximilian Lewandowski from Pyrzyce. He is a volleyball player and he stands 1.90 meters.

The 1st runner-up (in Mister Poland 2009) Sebastian who competed in Mister International last December finished as 4th runner-up (Mister International 2009).

The second runner-up of Mister Poland 2009 is Andrzej Tomicki.

Here is a solo picture of Maximilian, the winner.