11 August 2009

Miss U delegates parade in National Costumes

Last night, Monday, August 10, the 84 contestants of Miss Universe 2009 paraded in their national costumes. As expected, it was an exciting event seeing all the ladies in their colourful costumes. But I just saw them in pictures. I am not in Bahamas. LOL

I was impressed with Miss France Chloe Mortaud, Miss China Jing Yao Wang, Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez, Miss Philippines Pamela Bianca Manalo, Miss Panama Diana Broce, Miss Bahamas Kiara Sherman, Miss Puerto Rico Mayra Matos, Miss Ecuador Sandra Vinces and Miss Egypt Elham Wagdi. They all look fabulous wearing their costumes.

Miss Bahamas in National Costume

Miss China in national costume

Miss Ecuador in national costume

Miss Egypt in national costume

Miss France in national costume

Miss Philippines in national costume

Miss Puerto Rico in national costume

The ladies who did not impress me with their national costume are Miss Canada Mariana Valente, Miss USA Kristen Dalton, Miss Germany Martina Lee, Miss Netherlands Avalon-Chanel Weyzig.

Miss Canada in national costume

Miss Germany in national costume

Miss USA in national costume

You can now view the other national costumes in this LINK. I am still looking for the others so keep on visiting here.