14 May 2009

Scandal: Miss Rhode Islands Alysha Castonguay Semi-Nude Pictures

Miss California Carrie Prejean is not the only American beauty queen who is in the hot water for having racy pictures surfaced in the net. It's just that Carrie's controversy is more scandalous because of the non-stop attacks from unhappy members and supporters of the gay and lesbian communities. In fact, the semi-nude photos of Carrie just started to surface in an attempt to shame her for an anti-gay marriage answer to a question during the Miss USA 2009 pageant.

Miss Rhode Islands, Alysha Castonguay, has also her share of the spotlight. Before she won her state title, she posed without tops for a men's magazine, the Maxim. But like Carrie, Alysha was also allowed to keep her title.

Here is one of the controversial photos of Alysha.

I can't post in my blog the other two more daring pictures. Visit my this link to see them.