01 May 2009

Miss And Mister Slavonia And Baranja Chosen

The winners of the Miss and Mister Slavonia and Baranja beauty pageant, which was held on Saturday in Slavonski Brod, are Marija Kljajic and Dalibor Matkovic. Marija, who is 18 years old, comes from Zbjeg, while the new Mister, who is also 18, comes from Stari Slatnik.

Zrinka Kristof (18) from Slavonski Brod was chosen as the first runner up, while Alen Kovacevic (19) of Sibinje was the first runner up in the men`s category.

Maja Juric (20) of Djakovo won the second runner up title, while Robert Hrvojevic (20) from Slavonski Brod was the second runner up to the Mister.
Marija and Dalibor will have the privilege of taking part in the Miss and Mister Croatia for Miss world pageant.