13 May 2009

Dethroned Miss Universe 2002 Oxana Federova May Get Married Again

Russia's first Miss Universe winner, Oxana Federova is most likely getting married to a popular singer in her home country.

There are rumours among Russian glamour stars that the singer Nikolay Baskov is going to get married with Oxana Fedorova, who is a television hostess nowadays.

Oxana won in 2002 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The beauty queen also made a history by becoming the first winner of Miss Universe to be dethroned for not fulfilling her uties and responsibilities. That was the reason provided by the pageant organizer which was refuted by Oxana, herself.

Going back to the rumour, it is said that Nikolay shared these plans with his religious advisor Father Gerasim. The priest is also said to bless the singer for the second marriage.

Just some time ago Nikolay and Oxana visited the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Laura, MSN reports. After the church service the couple confessed their sins to a priest and made communion.

The singer himself refuses to comment the matter and doesn’t tell the espousal date.

If the rumors come true it will be the second marriage for both, Nikolay and Oxana. With first wife Svetlana Shpigel the singer lived for seven years and split up just two years ago. Oxana is still "married" at present time. Her husband is German businessman Philip Toft.