24 April 2009

Skinny model Stephanie Naumoska bites back at anorexic claims

MISS Universe Australia finalist Stephanie Naumoska has hit back at claims she is anorexic and says she is happy with her body and eats up to eight meals a day.

Naumoska's size came under scrutiny during final judging on Wednesday night, when the alarmingly thin and bony model was seen strutting the beauty pageant catwalk dressed in a skimpy red bikini.

"I think it is very unfair that I have been criticised that I'm too skinny,'' Naumoska said.

"I have never been anorexic or bulimic I don't throw up my meals after I eat them I don't starve myself, none of that.

"I eat six to eight healthy meals a day.''

Naumoska's modelling agency website lists her as 180cm and 49kg and although the 19-year-old model admitted she did not weigh herself she believed she weighed at least 52-55kg.

"I'm here to defend the skinny people,'' Naumoska told A Current Affair last night.

"I have been modelling since I was 13 and have a lot of friends who are really tall and skinny.

"It is just the way that our bodies are.''

But her gaunt appearance left onlookers aghast at the Miss Universe Australia finals in Sydney.

Fashion designer and Miss Universe Australia judge Charlie Brown conceded Naumoska was too thin.

"Yes she was too skinny but that's not why I didn't choose her,'' Brown said.

Miss Universe Australia winner Rachael Finch, 21, supported Naumoska and said she did not think the young beauty pageant finalist was anorexic.

"All the girls there were happy and healthy and fit for the role,'' Finch said.

Melbourne contestant and Miss Universe Australia runner up Jade Russell, 22, agreed with Finch and said the anorexic attacks against the Macedonian model were unfair.

"I think she is a beautiful girl and I ate lunch with her on many occasions.

"I think it was harsh for the media to attack a 19-year-old girl like that,''' Russell said.

"She is very young has a fast metabolism and is just jumping around all day.''

Pageant director Deborah Miller also criticised reports Naumoska looked unhealthy and said her body type was typical of a girl with a Macedonia heritage.

Despite Naumoska's ribs and hip bones sharply sticking out from her skeletal frame on Wednesday night the model said she loved her body.

"I think everybody should love what they were given and this is the way my body is so I'm happy,'' she said.