13 February 2009

Miss Universe 2009 in Ukraine?

I reported earlier here in my blog that Miss Universe 2009 will be held in Ukraine. Click here for the story. But late last year rumors are spreading that it will be held in the USA and might go back to Las Vegas in Nevada. The reason why it would not be in Ukraine is because of financial issues. You have to include there the threat on national security on neighboring countries.

But I am now confused since newspapers in Ukraine are reporting that the pageant will be held in Zagreb.

They say Deputy Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor, Minister of Tourism Damir Bajs and Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic have already submitted a bid to host the pageant. The newly built Zagreb arena is a perfect venue for the beauty pageant.

It was also reported that Donald Trupm, the owner of the pageant, and the whole Miss Universe office are really interested in bringing to Ukraine the 2009 Miss Universe pageant. Officials have already inspected the are and they were impressed.

Aside from Ukraine, the Dominican Republic, United Kingdom and Macau are also bidding. Well, we'll all know the real venue soon since the pageant is fast approaching.