21 February 2009

GP’s daughter aims to be Miss World


Some doctors may secretly hope their offspring follow in their footsteps. For Canberra GP Dr Elizabeth Pickup, her daughter could not have headed in a more different direction had she tried.

Her daughter, Sophie Lavers, 24, is amongst finalists in the prestigious 2009 Miss World Australia contest. Following in the footsteps of stars such as Halle Berry and ‘Wonderwoman’ Lynda Carter who also contested the Miss World title, she is aiming to represent Australia in the Johannesburg pageant later this year.

The job description is for someone for a young single woman who “is expected to travel the world as a glamorous personality of star quality”.

But her mother is at pains to dismiss the stereotype of the empty-headed beauty queen who seeks to promote world peace.

“These days it is more about ‘beauty with a purpose,’ and Sophie is certainly fulfilling her fair share of charity commitments.”

Sophie tells 6minutes this week that she is on her way to the scene of the bushfires in Victoria, where she will be carrying out support work as part of her ambassadorial role with the Salvation Army.

Questioned over whether she ever considered going into medicine, she says: “I don’t think I would have been very good working with needles – but I do admire it.”

Text by Louise Durack