13 September 2008

Miss Malaysia Universe Reacts to Beauty In Pageants

I made an article about the blog of the current Miss Malaysia-Universe Levy Li Su Lin when someone tipped me about it. Click it here for reference of the article. The purpose of that blog entry about her was just to crack a joke among my readers. Someone who happens to be a reader of Levy's blog tipped also the Malaysian beauty queen about what I have wrote. I teasingly titled my article as "Miss Malaysia is a Lesbian? Miss Mexico is her "Boyfriend"?" Definitely, that was a joke only.

Then I was surprised when I recieved a comment from her. I immediately sent her an e-mail and apoligized if ever I have hurt her. Like a real beauty queen, she showed me her class and poise as hse said it was humurous and funny.

Levy Li is indeed a sweet person. She is kind and I am hoping to get an interview from her so watch out for my next updates.

Now, Levy answered the questions in the title of that infamous blog entry in the form of a comment. I am publishing it as a separate blog entry to show how classy and poised Miss Levy Li Su Lin is.

Hi there. So happened I was linked to this site. Anyway dropping bits of my point of view. As a neutral public reader, I say you did a great job on this post. As Levy Li, Miss Malaysia Universe, Shouldn't I be offended? Well, I don't get offended easily as I always look into things through their positive values instead of negative ones and with no doubt, this is indeed a very creative writing and credits have to be given. Reading this post actually brightens up my day. Well done. But through this, it has enlighten me that I have to choose my words carefully before posting it up. hahaha. Anyway thanks for following up my blog too.

Oh ya. To complete your questionnaire.

Miss Malaysia is a Lesbian?

"A lesbian is a woman who is romantically and sexually attracted only to other women but in my case, that don't trigger me and I can never be able to go against my strong attraction towards my opposite sex *lol* "

Mexico is her "Boyfriend"?

To be my boy friend, the main and first qualification has to be my opposite sex "male". If she was a "he" instead then I would never know. hahaha. Therefore my interpretation of boyfriend in this is definitely my bestfriend instead.

Levy Li
Thank you Levy Li for visiting my blog. More power to you.

Levy Li Su Lin, Miss Malaysia, during the National Costume Presentation of the Miss Universe 2008 pageant in Vietnam.