10 July 2008

Update from Vietnam

I started blogging about beauty pageants late to cover what is happening right now in Vietnam for the Miss Universe 2008.

As of today, the 80 candidates are now rehearsing for the coronotion night on Monday, 14 July 2008 (Vietnam time). Two days ago, they had the preliminary show where the candidates battled for the top 10, another 5 will be chosen by Donald Trump, the owner of the pageant.

I will do some post reporting in the coming days but as of now we will go with the flow.

In the preliminary show, they paraded in their swimsuits and evenings gowns. The ladies that were reported who have nailed it are:

1. Venezuela
2. Mexico
3. Colombia
4. Spain
5. Korea
6. Japan
7. Thailand
8. Norway
9. Australia
10. Brazil
11. India
12. South Africa
13. Belgium
14. Trinidad and Tobago
15. Surprisingly, the Philippines