04 July 2013

SCANDAL: Miss World Ecuador 2013 is fixed? Laritza Parraga wins

When Miss Ecuador Organization lost the right to choose the representative of Ecuador to the Miss World pageant, Miss World Ecuador was immediately put up to select this country's representative to the said pageant. And tonight, the inaugural pageant has just wrapped up and the first winner was crowned. But wait, controversy is brewing up involving the process of how the winner was selected.
But before we go to that scandal or controversy, let me update you first about the winners.

Crowned as Miss World Ecuador 2013 is Laritza Parraga of  Santo Domingo. Daniela Guerrero of Tungurahua and Stefania Camacho of Bolivar are the first and second runners-up respectively. Third runner-up is Esmeralds' Ariana Vilela while fourth runner-up is Emilia Diaz of Manabi.

From 16 candidates, it was cut to Top 5 after swimsuit and evening gown competitions. Those who made the cut were then subjected to a question and answer portion which was the sole basis of their final placements.

The finals took place at the Cultural Center of Guayaquil Simon Bolivar. Judges include Pierina Correa, Carlos Coello, Isabel Noboa, Raul del Sol, Soledad Diab, Anibal Marrero, Maria Susana Rivadeneira (former Miss Universe Ecuador), Alvaro Fernandez, Rolando Villa and Panchana Juliett.

The following are the winners of special awards:

1.Miss Photogenic - Laritza Parraga of Santo Domingo
2. Miss Congeniality - Carolina Wray of Guayas
3. Miss Talent - Katherine Espin of Canar
4. Miss Sedal - Tita Wong of Guayas
5. Miss Zlimmy - Emilia Diaz of Manabi
6. Miss Smile - Stefania Camacho of Bolivar
7. Miss TcTv - Stefania Camacho of Bolivar
8. Best National Costume - Laritza Parraga of Santo Domingo

THE SCANDAL. The result is questionable as it is allegedly fixed by only 3 of the ten judges. If you have seen the live telecast, Miss universe Ecuador 2004, Maria Susana Rivadeniera, was furious because their (6 of the 10 judges) votes were not actually counted. It is not clear who are these 3 judges who manipulated the results but Rivadeniera is absolutely not one of them.

It is also interesting to note that during the telecast, something weird happened. When the hosts were ready to announce the final rankings of the finalists, the show was cut to commercials for 10 minutes. 

I leave the judgement to my readers.