09 June 2009

Miss Vietnam Vo Hoang Yen Dares Ines Ligron

Vo Hoang Yen, Vietnam's representative to the Miss Universe 2009 pageant to be held in Nassau, Bahamas is very happy with the review of a Puerto Rican fan who wrote an affirmative review about her chances in the pageant that she even dared Ines Ligron, the Director for Miss Universe Japan.

"Feeling a tad nervous, Ines?" That was the line from Vo in her latest blog entry. It should be remembered that Ines made a comment about her and called her a Miss Tiffany entrant. Miss Tiffany is a Thai pageant for transsexuals.

The fan who described by Vo as " from a beauty expert site" is Nina Cleopatra.

Cleopatra gave Vo an almost perfect score of 9.15 and 9.90 for her presentation and catwalk skills respectively. As for her face, the fan gave her a score of 8.80. Vo got a score of 8.70 for her body.

Read the full review here.