18 June 2009

Miss Universe 2009 goes back to Top 10 format

No more Top 15 or Top 20 at the Miss Universe 2009. Instead, only the Top 10 will be called at the finals.

Rumor or fact?

This is the message sent to us by a very good friend. He forwarded to me a message he copied from a Puerto Rican pageant forum. He forgot to name the said forum.

Here is the message.

Miss Universe will return to the popular 90's format of having only a Top 10. The Top 10 will compete in both swimsuit and evening gown. The scores will be averaged out and the Top 5 will be selected.

The producer of Miss Universe, Phil Gurin, affirms that with the return of the individual interviews, will come more "youtube" moments. He also mentioned that with the Top 15 format, it does not allow the public to identify themselves with any of the contestants, which has been reflected on the ratings each year.