10 May 2009

Mister International 2008 ngo Tien Doan Latest Photos

Honestly, this blogger was one of those who were disappointed when Vietnam's Ngo Tien Doan was proclaimed the winner of Mister International 2008 that was held last November in Taipei, Taiwan. I truly believe there were more deserving and more handsome candidates in that edition of the popular male pageant.

But, as days passed by, upon seeing pictures of Ngo Tien Doan in the net, I started to feel for him. Though he may not be one of my all-time favourites, he will always get my respect for the fact that he was a winner of Mister International.

Recently, Ngo Tien Doan is touring the world as part of his prize for winning the title. He was in Venezuela last month to judge the Mister Venezuela contest.

He has been also a favourite model for different photographers and here are pictures of him in one of his photo sessions. Tell me if you like them.