17 May 2009

Canadian-Filipino Delegate to Miss Canada Universe 2009

Did you know that one of the candidates of the recently concluded Miss Canada Universe 2009 pageant where Mariana Valente won the title is of Filipino heritage?

Orlandice Balanag represented Edmonton, Alberta in the pageant but failed to advance.

Before I continue with this, I guess some of you (readers) have already raised your eyebrows. I will not be surprised if I get arguments again for posting stuff like this. I'm telling you this because lately, I have been receiving "scandalous comments" for what I have written here.

The purpose of this post is just to inform majority of my readers who definitely would love to hear things related to them, things that might interest them. In case you didn't know, according to my google analytics, the second biggest group that reads my blog comes from the Philippines. On top is the US.

Ok, so I continue. Orlandice Balanag is 21 years old and stand 5'7". According to beautiesofcanada.com, the beauty queen was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. She is very proud of her mixed heritage of Filipino, Bajan, and English.

She has always had an eye for art ever since she was young and is inspired by her father who is an artist; he is the reason for her love and talent for art. From her passion of art she hopes to become an Architecture designer. She is starting her first year of Architecture Technology this year and will be looking forward to completing the Program at the North Alberta Institute of Technology.

If she were to be picked to become Miss Universe Canada, Orlandice would like to take the opportunity to speak out and work with issues such as bullying, children and youth abuse and animal abuse. She is a firm believer that those who cannot stand up against abuse themselves need to be protected by others; it is a crucial need in order to stop violence.


Here is a video of Orlandice from youtube. Thanks to the uploader, fbgenesismultimedia