10 August 2008

Ines Ligron Trains Miss India

A screenshot of the blog of Ines Ligron

We have a news Ines Ligron, The Frenchwoman director of Miss Japan, wrote in her blog just today. She will train the next Miss India Universe if.....yes, there is a condition, the would be Miss India will be great. But Ines failed to define what she means when she said "great" since the word means a lot depending on the readers.

Here is what Ines Ligron had written in her blog:

Sun is so pretty here, I love her dress…. but I am very
surprised with the winner. Not my choice at all. Actually I have nothing to do
with the selection and the event. I just saw the results on Internet like
anybody else. Just my opinion for those who asked me. And no, I will not train
Miss Korea this year but,,,,,,,,,,,,,, MISS INDIA instead! Not confirmed 100%
but most likely as I would love to work with the winner if she is great.

Love to all!

Now, the question is how this will be accepted by the Indians who are obviously doing great in training their representatives to the Miss Universe every year. Will they be offended or will they be excited?

Aside from that, with the words from Ines, someone is left with a chance to think why she had mentioned a certain condition. Miss India should be great! Whatever it is, we are all except Ines clueless.

Does the failure of Simran Kaur to penetrate the Top 15 at the Miss Universe caused revamps to the Pantaloon Femina India organization? What's the deal why they to need hire the expertise of Ines Ligron who trained Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori and 2006 First Runner Up Kurara Chibana?

One thing is for sure, this is the gain of Ines Ligron who is fast becoming a popular choice of every country.